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Revolution Express

Revolution Express Refurbished and Reintroduced in Vietnam

Indochina Rail Tourist Service Joint Stock Company and Wafaifo Optimisers have joined hands in a groundbreaking management agreement for the Revolution Express steam train, set to offer a unique tourist experience in central Vietnam, expected to debut in late 2024 or early 2025.

The project involves the meticulous restoration of two original steam locomotives dating back to the 1960s. These locomotives, the last of their kind in Vietnam, will pull two fully appointed retro-styled carriages accommodating up to 57 passengers each, alongside a custom-made kitchen carriage and a baggage carriage.

Representing an important chapter in Vietnamese history, these locomotives, built locally in Vietnam based on the French Mikado design, have been painstakingly restored over several years, utilizing original parts and the expertise of Vietnam Railways’ remaining steam engineers.

Revolution Express

The Revolution Express will embark on a daily round trip between Danang city and the former royal capital of Hue. The journey promises breathtaking views of the Hai Van coastal mountain range, with stops at Lang Co, offering serene lagoon and beach scenery.

Passengers will be treated to a journey through time, surrounded by old-world splendor and served by talents in period costume. Themed dining experiences at each station along the route, namely Kim Lien (Danang), Lang Co, and Hue, will further enrich the journey.

The partnership agreement between Indochina Rail and Wafaifo Optimisers was formalized on May 20th in Danang, with Indochina Rail’s Chairman, Mr. Michael Gebbie, and Wafaifo Optimisers’ Managing Director, Mr. Pieter van der Hoeven, and Commercial Director, Mr. Mikkel Krantz, representing the respective parties.

Mr. Gebbie expressed pride in reviving these historic locomotives, aiming to offer visitors an immersive experience of Vietnam’s rich history and promising a magical journey for all passengers.

Mr. Van der Hoeven highlighted Wafaifo Optimisers’ excitement in contributing to this remarkable heritage tourism project, offering passengers the opportunity to travel back in time in comfort amidst Vietnam’s spectacular landscapes.

Themed dining experiences at each station, reflecting different periods in Vietnam’s history, will be a highlight of the journey, attracting passengers from various routes.

The Revolution Express represents a significant step in heritage tourism, with Wafaifo Optimisers tasked with marketing, booking, and catering for the train and its stations.

As preparations continue, further announcements regarding the launch and booking details of the Revolution Express are anticipated in the coming months. Stay tuned for an unforgettable journey through Vietnam’s history aboard the Revolution Express.

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