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Sydney Australia

Returning to Australia with Lufthansa and SWISS

Lufthansa and SWISS are offering their customers more flight options to Australia again: Transit is via Singapore’s Changi International Airport – Lufthansa Group’s main hub for connecting flights to Down Under – as of 4 January. “Enabling transit connections is a game-changer – especially for reconnecting Europe and Australia,” says Heiko Brix, Lufthansa Group Airlines’ Chief for Southeast Asia. Currently, flying to Australia with Lufthansa is also possible by flying via Japan and continuing from there with our partner All Nippon Airways.

Lufthansa and SWISS, together with our partner Singapore Airlines, currently offer more than 10 weekly flights from either Frankfurt or Zurich to Singapore.

From there, Lufthansa customers can easily connect to major Australian cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin and Perth) with Singapore Airlines. Further information and flight schedules are available at www.lufhansa.com or www.swiss.com.

“We know thousands of Australians are stranded in Europe, and longing to return home and be with their families, friends and loved ones,” says Heiko Brix. Since capacity between Europe and Australia remains scarce, Lufthansa, SWISS and Singapore Airlines are ready to fill this void. Heiko Brix: “We will continue to help reconnect the world.”

Every Lufthansa Group flight will adhere to strict health and hygiene standards. Overall, the chance of contracting the Corona virus on a Lufthansa Group flight is extremely low. For example, all Lufthansa Group aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art HEPA filters that continuously clean cabin air. Further, all recirculated air is filtered and cleaned of impurities such as dust, bacteria, and viruses. This accounts for 40 percent of cabin air while 60 percent is added as fresh air from outside the aircraft. HEPA filter technology is also used in hospital operating room air conditioning systems to create an almost sterile environment. Additionally, all procedures and processes throughout the entire travel chain will continue to be reviewed to guarantee maximum safety for each and every one of our customers and based on the latest findings and hygiene standards of experts.

“In total, it is safe to say Lufthansa Group airlines have always maintained the highest standards of safety and hygiene for our passengers – it’s at the core of our DNA,” says Heiko Brix. ”We already did a lot before the coronavirus hit the world, and we will certainly continue to do so in these extraordinary times.”

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