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Safest Roads

Regions in Italy and Spain Boast Safest Roads in the European Union

The autonomous region of Valle d’Aosta in Italy and the small Spanish city-enclave of Ceuta have emerged as the regions with the safest roads in the European Union. According to data from the European statistical agency Eurostat, these areas did not witness a single fatal road accident in a year.

Several urban regions also recorded high road safety levels: the Brussels Capital Region in Belgium (7 deaths on the roads per million inhabitants), Vienna (8), Stockholm with its suburbs (9), and the German city of Bremen (also 9).

As for the EU region with the most dangerous roads, it turned out to be the French overseas department of Guadeloupe. There, 159 cases per million inhabitants were recorded. It was followed by the Northwest region of Bulgaria (133) and French Guiana—another overseas department of France (120).

EU countries have set a new goal of zero fatal road accidents by 2050. To achieve this, the European Commission proposed in March 2023 to better prepare young drivers, adjust the medical examination process, and introduce a common system of fines.

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