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Pulkovo Airport in Russia Temporarily Suspended All Flights

Russia’s Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg temporarily suspended all flights on Tuesday morning.

The planes flying to St. Petersburg turned around – because of an unidentified object, the “Carpet” signal was announced.

Today at 10:15 at all altitudes within a radius of 200 km from St. Petersburg, the air defense authorities announced the signals “Regime” and “Carpet”, after which all aircraft located in the specified area were withdrawn by dispatchers. Pulkovo Airport stopped receiving and sending planes.

The “Carpet” signal is announced when the border is crossed illegally, weapons and military equipment of the RF Armed Forces are used against the intruder aircraft, as well as when unidentified objects appear in the airspace. After its submission, measures are taken to withdraw aircraft in the air from the area.

“Carpet” was announced because of an unidentified object. It looks like a large drone, Channel 112 reported, adding that two fighter jets, a Su-35 and a MiG-31, are operating in the closed area.

“Carpet” was canceled around 12.00 pm, airspace opened, and Pulkovo Airport resumed receiving and releasing aircraft.

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