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Brussels Airport Short-haul Runway Renovation

New Destinations at Brussels Airport

Sunday 25 October marked the beginning of the winter season in the aviation sector. And even though it is a very unusual year, due to the COVID-19 crisis, the offer is varied with flights to 120 destinations both in and outside Europe. Above all, Brussels Airport wants travel to be safe, due in part to the pre-departure tests required for many destinations.

The winter season in aviation has officially commenced. From 25 October to 25 March the flight schedules are adapted to cater for all passengers whether they travel for business or leisure or to visit friends or relatives. No less than 40 airlines will carry out some 450 departing flights a week to 120 destinations. A significant share is accounted for by Brussels Airlines: our home carrier will operate flights to 50 destinations, including 16 intercontinental destinations.

For their part, TUI fly will be operating flights to 30 destinations and Ryanair to 14 destinations. In the long-haul segment, an increasing number of carriers are operating from Brussels Airport again, including Air Canada, United Airlines, Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways, Hainan Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines and Rwandair.

New destinations

Depending on the evolution of the pandemic, new destinations are expected to be added to the Brussels Airport offer this winter. As for winter sports destinations, TUI will fly to Kittila and Kuusamo in Finland, Finnair to Kittila and Transavia to Innsbruck (Austria).

Travelling safely from Brussels Airport

Even in the current context, travelling can be pleasant and safe. Many precautions have been taken at Brussels Airport to ensure social distancing and hygiene. During the flight, airlines use HEPA filters to renew the air in the cabin every two to three minutes. This means that there is no additional risk in travelling by plane for those who follow the rules and apply the measures.

For an increasing number of destinations, one must be able to provide a negative test certificate. Passengers can get tested at the COVID-19 Test Centre at Brussels Airport to obtain this certificate.

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