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New Alcohol Restrictions at Margarita Island’s Airport for Russians

Russians passing through Margarita Island’s airport in Venezuela will encounter a new approach to alcohol distribution. As reported by Prime, citing the Telegram channel of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR), Russian travelers are no longer handed the alcohol they purchase before their flight; instead, they receive it through vouchers right before boarding.

Experts learned about these “unexpected measures to promote a healthier lifestyle among departing Russians” from two tour operator enterprises. The published information clarifies that Russian compatriots will now receive their purchased alcohol only immediately before boarding their flight.

The innovations were approved after fights between Russian tourists that arose because they did not want to take rum home. Instead, the Russians began drinking alcohol in the middle of the airport.

Eyewitnesses have noted that the process of distributing vouchers does not cause any delays in boarding. According to a source cited by the publication, when tourists purchase hard liquor at Duty-Free, they are given small vouchers. These vouchers are then used to claim their purchases just before boarding, and beer is still available for immediate consumption at the time of purchase.

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