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Russian Tourists Stole 35 Kilograms of Food from a Turkish Hotel

russian tourists

Russian tourists stole 35 kilograms of food from a Turkish hotel, including apples, candies, dried fruits, soft drinks, and even wrapped butter in foil. The incident occurred during their stay in a hotel in Antalya, where the tourists justified the theft by claiming they needed the food for their train journey.

Hotel staff foiled their attempt to take the stolen food out of the hotel. A video circulating on social media shows hotel employees unpacking large bundles of food, including apples, candies, dried fruits, numerous cans of soft drinks, and a huge bag of sauces. The Russian tourists also collected a substantial amount of sugar and tea packets. They even tried to take butter from the restaurant, wrapping it in foil. In addition to food, they attempted to steal a large package of shampoos and other cosmetics from the hotel.

The limited travel options for Russian tourists have led to many European countries imposing entry restrictions on them. Italy, Spain, and France, among others, have significantly extended the processing time for Schengen visa applications from Russian citizens. Furthermore, protests erupted in Georgia against the arrival of a cruise liner carrying Russian tourists and propagandists in Batumi.

This behavior by Russian tourists abroad has raised concerns and is a cause for disappointment for many.

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