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NEOM Unveils Ultra-Futuristic Epicon

Saudi Arabia has unveiled its sixth tourist cluster as part of the Neom mega-project, and it’s as awe-inspiring as the others. The new cluster, named Epicon, continues the futuristic trend of Neom’s projects, creating a landscape that sometimes feels like Saudi Arabia is bringing science fiction to life. The tourism development, akin to colonizing Mars, is set along the shores of the Gulf of Aqaba.

Epicon features two serrated skyscrapers designed by the studio 10Design, reaching heights of 225 and 275 meters. Naturally, these towers will host luxury hotels and residences, adding to the allure of the region. Along the coastline, villas will also be constructed, completing the vision of a cutting-edge and luxurious destination.

The Neom project continues to push the boundaries of imagination, turning Saudi Arabia into a hub for futuristic and visually stunning architectural marvels.

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