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Must Have Tech for the Modern Traveller

Reaching up to the year 2020, everything has become so much easier and convenient, even for the rustic traveller. If you do consider yourself a nomad and prefer to rough it outback, fall off the grid or simply go old school, don’t bat these ideas. Many have been created solely for you and can make your journey all that much more pleasant during the tough times. We’ve put all of the listed tech to use and have discovered that we won’t be travelling all that light the next time we embark on an adventure and here is why!

Applications on the Go

If you find yourself lying beneath the starry skies and your feet are restless from a long journey, there may be a moment where you find yourself wishing for a little private entertainment. NoviBet offers the best online slots which are ideal to take on your journey. You still have the privacy you want and yet you can interact with other players and not lose complete touch with the outside world. The bonus? You can take this app with you and you won’t feel its weight in your knapsack.


These lenses have been designed to fit on your smartphone to capture all your inspired moments like a professional photographer. They are affordable, compact and they turn any photo into a work of art, truly capturing all your memories forever.

Solar Power Battery

Pack Here the name speaks volumes for the use of this awesome tech gadget. The power bank uses solar energy to charge all your portable devices. One of the worst things that could happen while away in the bush is losing the GPS on your phone or missing the best picture of the wildlife you could have captured on your phone. Use the battery pack to power and charge all the devices you need to make your trip all that much more enjoyable.

Secret Pocketed Clothing

This may not be a gadget, but these items of clothing are the best buy for any traveller. Here is where you can stash your cash, credit cards and more from nefarious pick pockets or muggers. Keep all your important belongings well hidden and remain calm in any unpleasant situation with the peace of mind that you still have all your important docs and cash.


Usually we wouldn’t bring too many applications on our trip and really nothing beats Google maps, but MAPLETS was well worth the mention thanks to its functionality of covering spaces Google Maps doesn’t. On top of the added advantages of using this handy application, it also offers an offline mode which guides you through the underground New York subway system and such places with no wifi needed.

With just these few additions your vacation abroad or trip to the bush will be genuinely better. Your backpack won’t be too heavy and you will feel more at ease knowing that you have the best tech gadgets and gear in your bag, allowing you to relax and enjoy your break away.

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