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2019 Must-Have Travel Gadgets for Your Next Trip

Traveling is much more fun when you have the right gadgets. They have become tools that have the eased the problems that you face while going. 2019 is a year which is full of tech-savvy tools that you need. Some of them are cheap, while others you have to dig into your pocket. Some of them are as exciting as the games you play with a scratch mania bonus coupon for one.

 Here is a look at the must-have travel gadgets for your next trip. 

#1. Luggage scale

Have you ever been annoyed when your traveling by air that your luggage has exceeded the weight limit? Things get much worse when you have to pay extra for the bags. You can buy a luggage scale that will ensure your luggage is within the recommended limits. You should get one that is portable and light. 

Luggage scale

#2. Travel Pillow

These long flight trips do not have to be uncomfortable and tiresome anymore. Thus you need the right travel pillow. It is the difference between having a refreshed landing and wanting to take a 48hour nap when you are on the ground. Why should you carry a travel pillow? They are light, comfortable, versatile, and cheap. Although it can make you feel like an idiot, it is worthwhile for anyone who is looking for comfort.

#3. Luggage Tracker

How many times have you lost your luggage? When this happens, it can ruin the mood for a good trip. But if you want to add some extra security then get a luggage tracker. It can easily fit in your bag or luggage, and it will let you know the exact location once the luggage gets lost.

#4. Multi-adapter

If you are new to traveling no one will tell you this, but different countries have different kinds of sockets.  If your solution is to buy a plug-in every state that you visit, then you are doomed. You can buy a universal multi-adapter that can fit in any socket. It will help save on some costs. 

#5. Portable Bluetooth speaker

If you love listening to music, then the speaker of your smartphone should not limit you. There are several Bluetooth speakers which can turn your traveling experience into a more better one. Getting a portable one is vital to ensure that the Bluetooth speaker can cover you throughout your trip. However, you should also look into other features such as battery life durability, cost, and flexibility. 

Bluetooth speaker

#6. Passport/ID holder 

A passport and your ID are essential documents which you need to take care of when traveling. Thus you need a passport holder to keep them safe. It will not only keep your passport safe but also cash and credit cards. Buy a passport holder that can fit in your pocket.

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