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More Than 6 Million Ukrainian Refugees Cross EU’s borders

More than 6 million refugees have fled Ukraine. Among them, more than 3 million people arrived in Poland and more than one million in Moldova. While in the first ten days of the war about 125 000 people crossed EUs borders, now the number dropped to 34 000 daily.

Within the last ten days, there were on average around 25 000 Ukrainians exiting EU Member States to Ukraine daily. In total, about one million Ukrainians entered Ukraine since the beginning of the war.

362 standing corps officers are deployed at EU-Ukraine borders. In total, Frontex has 527 officers and staff all along the EU’s Eastern land border.

Ukrainian Refugees

Frontex organises humanitarian flights to help non-Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war in Ukraine reach their home countries safely. Frontex supported the organisation of 19 humanitarian return flights helping 732 non-EU citizens fleeing the war. Humanitarian voluntary return flights were carried out from Poland to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in cooperation with the relevant embassies.

Since the start of the war, Frontex has been monitoring the situation at the borders 24/7, supporting EU Member States with the latest information on migration flows and the situation at borders crossing points.

With the use of technology, including satellites, the agency also helps Member States understand and predict the situation on the ground.

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