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Luxembourg to Legalize the Recreational Use of Marijuana

Luxembourg officials have unveiled a plan to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in the country, following Germany’s decision to trial a non-profit private club approach to the issue in mid-April. While the policy proposal will not take effect during the current legislative period, due to parliamentary elections in October, it includes a detailed concept for a pilot project to test the effects of marijuana legalization in a limited and controlled environment.

The pilot project proposes the establishment of two state-run growers to supply 14 distribution points, the only authorized sales outlets in the country. To prevent the import of black market cannabis, the pilot project suggests unique chemical markers for marijuana so that law enforcement can detect it.

The main point is that the state should control both the growth and sale of marijuana, with only two licensed growers and 14 sale points in each Luxembourgish canton. Additionally, the use would also be heavily restricted to private homes, with public spaces, bars and specialised cafes all off the table for now.

Moreover, users will be subject to the same regulations like those for tobacco and alcohol, especially for workplace use of non-medical marijuana. The proposition also calls for a zero-tolerance policy for some professions like pilots, law enforcement, surgeons, professional drivers and etc.

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