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Newcastle International Airport

Lufthansa to Launch Service from Munich to Newcastle

New Lufthansa route which will fly from Newcastle, the North East’s largest airport to Munich will be commenced on February 3rd 2020. 

Historically, passengers wishing to travel to Munich would need to connect via one of Newcastle Airport’s hubs, including Paris or Amsterdam.

From the 3rd February, 2020 passengers will be able to take advantage of the two-hour direct flight to Munich six times per week, departing Newcastle Airport at 1340 and arrive in Munich at 1640.

With fantastic connections, the new flight also opens passengers to Lufthansa’s worldwide network of 140 destinations in over 45 countries – including Athens, Milan, Budapest and Berlin.

‘Frequent flyer’ Richard Swart, who takes approximately 150 flights a year, said: “The new Lufthansa route will make this much easier and save a lot of time, it will probably save around half a day each time we use it as this is how long it often takes to connect.”

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