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Lufthansa Inflight Meals Can Be Pre-Ordered

Lufthansa inflight meals can be pre-ordered starting in February. How? With the new pre-order option for the Onboard Delights offer, which will be available in the future for every short- and medium-haul flight with a flight time of 60 minutes or more.

From 8 February 2023, travelers will be able to select and pre-order high-quality Lufthansa inflight meals as early as 30 days and up to 36 hours before departure. The selection and order can then be conveniently made online via the new Pre-flight Shop and paid for cashless on board.

The pre-order offer exclusively includes fresh food such as bowls, salads, sandwiches and cakes, which were developed together with partners dean&david and Dallmayr. Independently of this, passengers will still be able to choose from the complete, wide range of Onboard Delights, which includes snacks and drinks in addition to the fresh products, even without pre-ordering on board.

With the new service, Lufthansa ensures that the desired meal is available on board. At the same time, the new concept makes an important contribution to greater sustainability and to combating food waste and superfluous packaging waste by improving the ability to plan meals.

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