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Lufthansa Group Employees Fly CO2 Neutral on Business Trips

The Lufthansa Group is setting new accents for the environment and society. With three measures, the company underpins its goal of consolidating its leading position in the aviation industry in the field of corporate responsibility.

The new measures at a glance:

Business flights of the Lufthansa Group now CO2-neutral
All official air travel for Lufthansa Group staff is now CO2-neutral, retroactively to 1 January 2019. In order to achieve this, CO2 emissions will be offset by the renowned Swiss climate protection foundation myclimate. All donations go towards certified climate protection projects that meet the highest standards and make a positive contribution to sustainable development in addition to CO2 reduction.

Passengers flying with the Network Airlines have had the option of offsetting their CO2 emissions for many years. In the future, travellers will be able to compensate for their flight even more easily, by integrating the offer directly into the booking masks.

Conversion to CO2-neutral propulsion on the ground
The Lufthansa Group will convert its ground ops services in its home markets Germany, Austria and Switzerland to a CO2-neutral operation by 2030. This includes converting the vehicles to an electric or other emission-free drive and purchasing 100 percent green electricity at the earliest possible moment. Also for all buildings of the Lufthansa Group, only green electricity will be used wherever possible.

Expansion of social engagement in Germany and the opportunity for corporate volunteering
The non-profit help alliance is the central pillar of the Lufthansa Group’s corporate citizenship, managing all of the Group’s social projects worldwide. The Executive Board has decided to significantly expand this commitment at the major Lufthansa Group locations – initially in Germany – and to initiate new projects there. These are proposed and sustained by employees themselves in accordance with the idea of help alliance. In addition, employees of the Lufthansa Group are to receive the opportunity for corporate volunteering.

“Our responsibility for the environment and society derives out of our conviction for it to be a central strategic issue and a leitmotif for our company,” says Carsten Spohr, Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

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