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Kazakhstan Approved a List of Professions for 10 Years Residence Permit

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Kazakhstan has approved a list of in-demand professions in the fields of science, health care, industry and IT, for which foreigners can obtain a residence permit in the republic in a simplified manner.

The list includes 21 in-demand professions in various fields, including health care, information and communication technologies, and science. In particular, it is a neurosurgeon, a hematologist, an oncologist, a neonatologist, and an endocrinologist.

Among them are also a research engineer on the technology of inorganic substances, a research engineer on the technology of organic substances, a pharmaceutical technology engineer, a research engineer on the preparation of minerals, an aviation engineer, an engineer on hardware and software of the space system, an engineer on the introduction of new technology and technology, laser equipment engineer, research engineer in pulp, paper, printing and fiber production technology, medical radiochemist engineer, medical physicist engineer, classification, pulp, paper, printing and fiber production technology engineer, medical radiochemist engineer.

Foreigners who possess in-demand professions can apply for a temporary residence permit in the internal affairs authorities in a simplified manner without confirming their ability to pay. 

The residence permit will be issued for 10 years or for the period of validity of the foreigner’s passport.

A residence permit for investors allows free entry into Russia to conduct business in any region without obtaining a temporary residence permit. The Golden Visa is issued from January 11th.

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