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Italy and Slovenia to Revive Historic Rail Route with Frecciarossa High-Speed Train

Italy and Slovenia are set to revive a historic rail route between the two countries through a new high-speed train Frecciarossa, according to a recent agreement signed by state operators Trenitalia and SŽ Passenger Transport.

As reported by CNN, the Frecciarossa train, capable of reaching speeds up to 300 km/h, will operate from the Italian city of Milan to the Slovenian capital Ljubljana in approximately seven hours. The route will pass through Italian cities such as Venice and Trieste, with stops near some of Slovenia’s notable natural landmarks, including the Postojna Cave and Škocjan Caves.

This initiative is considered the first train journey from Milan to Ljubljana since the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1918. Currently, Italy and Slovenia are connected only by the regional “Trieste – Ljubljana” train. The historical link between Trieste and Ljubljana was established in 1857 when both cities were part of the Habsburg Empire. The Southern Railway, operating from Vienna to Trieste via Ljubljana, was a flagship infrastructure of the empire. Trieste was one of the world’s most important ports at the time, and its connection to Vienna was crucial for the empire.

Although Trenitalia has not provided a specific launch date, Slovenia Railways mentioned in the media that they aim to start “as soon as possible,” potentially from April 2024. Initially, one daily trip is expected, with the possibility of increasing to two over time. This development is among the most anticipated new trains set to launch in Europe in 2024.

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