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Here Is What Matters Most to Travelers

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic halted travel as governments imposed restrictions and people stayed home.

Business meetings went virtual. Vacations were delayed. Conferences were canceled.

Since then, airports, airlines, hotels, restaurants and other businesses across the travel industry made changes to encourage social distancing and help keep travelers safe.

A survey of 3,336 people in the United States and United Kingdom by YouGov PLC and Honeywell asked about their experience traveling since the onset of the pandemic.

Here’s what they had to say:

57% of U.S. travelers said cleanliness and hygiene were a top factor in selecting a travel brand
That outranked cost and any other factor they considered.

6 out of 10 travelers gave positive ratings to cleanliness and safety
Of those who have flown during the pandemic, 61% had a positive rating for cleanliness and safety procedures at the airport. And 58% gave the same ratings to the experience in-flight on the plane.

84% of travelers do not deem airports the most concerning part of a potential journey
When it comes to safety and cleanliness, the buildings get positive reviews. That percentage goes up to 87% if you count only those 35 and older.

52% plan to stay at a hotel
For those who have stayed in a hotel since March, 93% reported a positive experience regarding safety and cleanliness. Meanwhile, 48% cite enhanced cleanliness or health and safety procedures would most motivate them to stay in a hotel going forward.

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