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Hair Spa

Hair Spa Launches at Rosewood Villa Magna in Spain

In the heart of Madrid, a brand-new hair spa has recently been introduced within Sense, A Rosewood Spa at Rosewood Villa Magna.

Known as the Hair Wellth Spa, this venture is the brainchild of entrepreneur Claudia di Paolo, with a primary emphasis on improving hair health.

Di Paolo has curated a spa menu featuring three innovative pro-aging hair treatments that seamlessly integrate contemporary hair cosmetic technology with elements of massage therapy, meditation, and cranial massage.

According to di Paolo, these rituals are designed to activate the body’s inherent repair and regeneration mechanisms while playing a role in preventing signs of stress and premature aging.

The latest additions to the spa menu comprise:

• Reset: Inner Balance Cure, lasting 60 minutes (€210, US$229, £181).

• Reveal: Beyond Vitality Cure, also spanning 60 minutes (€210, US$229, £181).

• Rediscover: Signature Awareness Cure, a 90-minute session (€280, US$306, £242).

“With over 30 years of experience in the beauty and luxury industry, I recognized the significance of hair health in overall personal well-being,” explained di Paolo to Spa Business. “Hair longevity is an emerging trend in the industry that has gained momentum in the last three years. Therefore, I’ve developed a new and groundbreaking concept to promote its benefits. We’re already witnessing great success, providing spa teams with the opportunity to introduce a new category in their treatment menus.”

The Claudia Di Paolo Beauty team, in collaboration with architect and interior designer Emmanuelle Simon, has meticulously crafted all the rituals and elements within the treatment rooms at the Hair Wellth Spa, ensuring a holistic and thoughtfully designed experience for patrons.

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