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Border Controls

Germany Introduces Border Controls with Poland and Czech Republic to Combat Illegal Migration

Border controls have been reintroduced at Germany’s borders with Poland and the Czech Republic in a bid to combat the influx of illegal migrants.

Official data indicates that during the first seven months of 2023, the number of asylum applications in Germany surged by 78%. In August, there were 14,701 registered illegal border crossings, marking a 66% increase compared to the same month the previous year, as reported by Reuters.

The intensified border control measures will be implemented in collaboration with Poland and the Czech Republic, primarily targeting individuals aiding illegal migrants in entering Germany. The Czech police have already heightened checks at the border with Slovakia and on highways leading to Germany.

In addition to the rise in illegal border crossings, Germany has also welcomed approximately 1 million Ukrainian refugees over the past year. These individuals are not included in asylum applications since automatic protection is granted to Ukrainians.

Last year, Austria and the Czech Republic also strengthened border controls with Slovakia to curb illegal migration.

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