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Germany Announces New Covid Measures from October 1

Germany’s Cabinet on Wednesday approved a package of pandemic restrictions set to come into force on October 1 should it clear parliament in the coming weeks, DW reports.

“We want to be considerably better prepared in the coming autumn for the pandemic than was the case in the past,” Lauterbach said, adding that he is expecting a large wave of cases later in the year, but also saying he believes that the country is better prepared for it.

Masks will be required for visitors at hospitals and care homes, as will a negative COVID-19 test from the previous 24 hours.

On planes and long-distance public transport across Germany, FFP2 masks will be required from October 1. Staff and children aged 6-14 will be permitted to wear medical masks instead, while children under 6 are exempt.

Some of the heavier restrictions — for instance, for high-street commerce, short-distance public transport and other public indoor spaces — will be left up to the discretion of state governments.

These restrictions could include mandatory masks on local public transport or in supermarkets and stores and public indoor spaces. They can also require proof of vaccination or a recent negative test to gain entry.

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