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European Sleeper

European Sleeper Launches Night Train Service from Prague to Brussels

European Sleeper launches night train service from Prague to Brussels. The first Good Night Train service is scheduled for March 25th from the capital of Belgium to the Czech Republic.

This marks another significant addition to Europe’s network of night trains following European Sleeper’s launch of routes from Brussels to Berlin in May 2023. The train route will pass through Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Dresden, and other European cities. The new night train is being introduced as an alternative to flights with a smaller carbon footprint.

Passengers will have access to two classes of carriages. Standard compartments for six or comfortable ones for five people on the Prague – Brussels route will cost from €159, while upgraded compartments for three people start at €229. The train departs from Prague at 18:04, arriving in Brussels at 10:30. Return journeys from Belgium depart at 19:22, arriving in Prague at 10:56.

European Sleeper intends to continue expanding Europe’s network of night trains. The company plans to open a new route every year to further develop a sustainable European transportation network.

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