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Hackers Found a Way to Open Any of 3 Million Hotel Keycard Locks

A vulnerable technology is installed on the doors of millions of hotel keycard locks in 13,000 properties across 131 countries.

At hacker conferences in Las Vegas, a group of security researchers unveiled a new method for opening hotel doors, which exploits a vulnerability in the RFID key card security system of the Saflok brand, Wired reports.

This technology, developed by Dormakaba, is installed on the doors of millions of hotel rooms worldwide. The hack, dubbed Unsaflok, demonstrates the ability to gain quick access to rooms using modified key cards.

Research has shown that to execute the hack, one needs to obtain the code from any hotel key card using an RFID reader/writer device. Subsequently, two cards are created, which are sequentially applied to the lock. The first card copies the necessary data from the lock, and the second card opens the door.

Dormakaba has already announced efforts to address the identified vulnerabilities and is collaborating with hotels to update their systems. However, only 36% of locks have been updated so far, indicating a lengthy updating process, especially for older lock models.

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