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Ethiopian Airlines Grounds all Boeing 737 MAX

Following reports that Chinese authorities have directed all Boeing 737MAX registered in that country to be temporarily grounded, has Ethiopian Airlines also confirmed a similar move. South Africa has now confirmed that they have followed the same move.

Earlier today did the airline pull all Boeing 737MAX from service until the cause of the crash yesterday has been investigated and established.

Only a few months ago did a Lion Air Boeing B737MAX crash, also shortly after takeoff. It is the second new B737 series crash in Ethiopia after the pilot radioed in shortly after leaving Addis Ababa to request an immediate return due to unspecified difficulties. Moments later the aircraft crashed.

India’s DGCA has for the moment stopped short of issuing a grounding directive but has as a matter of urgency demanded information from Boeing but also asked Jet Airways and Spice Jet for details about the aircraft and their inflight experience before taking an informed decision.

Other airlines operating this aircraft type are said to at a heightened state of alert, probably weighing the pros and cons of also grounding the Boeing 737MAX similar to when the Boeing B787 Dreamliner underwent a global grounding following persistent problems at the time with the new Lithium-Ion batteries on board.

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Source: Saint Ange Tourism Report

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