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Estonia Bars Reentry to Russians Going to Fight in Ukraine

Citizens of the Russian Federation ordinarily resident in Estonia who go to fight against Ukrainian forces in the current conflict will not be admitted reentry into Estonia, the Ministry of the Interior announced Wednesday, following a ‘part mobilization’ of Russian reservists announced by Vladimir Putin.

Veiko Kommusaar, Undersecretary for Internal Security of the Ministry of the Interior, told ERR, via a spokesperson that: “Estonia has not imposed restrictions on citizens of the Russian Federation who want to exit Estonia. However, if we discover that they had left to go to war [in Ukraine], then they will not have any way of reentering Estonia.”

Kommussaar was referring to Russian citizens who have a permanent residence permit in Estonia.

 Putin announced a part-mobilization on Wednesday – the announcement was originally scheduled for the Tuesday evening – citing aa threat to Russia’s national security.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu estimates the mobilization will involve around 300,000 reservists, with prior military experience.

The development follows stalled advances, and in several areas, retreat, on the part of Russian forces engaged in the Ukraine invasion, while heavy losses have led to shortages of personnel, military experts say.

Russia also reportedly plans to hold referenda, widely rejected as a sham, in occupied zones in the south and east of Ukraine.

ERR also requested comment from Mikk Marran, outgoing head of the Foreign Intelligence Service, but a spokesperson said Marran did not want to issue any.

On Tuesday, September 20, Finland sent a letter to the European Commission asking for common recommendations to all Schengen countries regarding the invalidation or cancellation of visas issued to Russian citizens and the imposition of entry bans.

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