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Emirates Receives SAF from Shell Aviation at London Heathrow

Emirates has begun using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from Shell Aviation at London Heathrow Airport. Over 3,000 metric tonnes of neat SAF, blended with conventional jet fuel, will be supplied to the airport’s fuelling infrastructure until the end of summer 2024.

This marks the first time Emirates will use SAF for some of its flights at London Heathrow and represents the largest SAF purchase in the airline’s history. Emirates is participating in London Heathrow’s SAF Incentive Programme, which aims to make SAF more affordable and accessible for airlines.

Emirates will rigorously account for, track, and trace the delivery and sustainability attributes of the SAF at London Heathrow using robust reporting methodologies. The SAF will be safely integrated into the existing airport fuelling infrastructure and used in aircraft jet engines. In its pure form, SAF can reduce lifecycle carbon emissions by up to 80% compared to conventional jet fuel.

Launched in 2022, London Heathrow’s SAF Incentive Programme is the first of its kind, designed to reduce the price gap between conventional jet fuel and SAF by about 50%. Such schemes aim to accelerate supportive government policies, enhancing the UK’s competitiveness and attracting investment in clean energy initiatives like SAF production.

Emirates’ SAF strategy includes using SAF operationally wherever available, sharing emissions costs with corporate customers or freight forwarders, collaborating on long-term SAF projects with reputable partners, and supporting SAF ventures in the UAE.

Emirates currently operates flights using SAF from Amsterdam, Paris, Lyon, and Oslo. Last year, the airline collaborated with Shell Aviation to supply SAF to Dubai Airport fuelling systems for the first time. In May, Emirates plans to partner with local entities at Singapore Changi Airport for SAF supply through the airport’s fuelling systems.

Additionally, Emirates became the first international airline to join the Solent Cluster in the UK earlier this year. This initiative focuses on low carbon investments and aims to create a SAF plant capable of producing up to 200,000 tonnes per year by 2032. The Solent Cluster includes international organizations, manufacturers, engineering companies, regional businesses, infrastructure operators, and academic institutions.

Since 1987, Emirates has been operating flights to the UK and currently serves seven UK gateways with 131 weekly flights. These include six daily A380 flights to London Heathrow (plus an additional five weekly Boeing 777 flights until October 26, 2024), three daily A380 flights to Gatwick, twice daily flights to Stansted, three daily A380 flights to Manchester, twice daily flights to Birmingham (including one daily A380 flight), and daily flights to Newcastle and Glasgow.

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