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Edelweiss Introduces Its Own Fragrance on Board

Edelweiss is taking luxury in the skies to new heights with the introduction of its latest in-flight innovation, the “Ginger Voyage” fragrance spray. Following the success of their Soeder soap and lotion, Edelweiss is now delighting travelers with this enticing new fragrance, aiming to transport passengers on a sensory journey even before the wheels leave the tarmac.

Since the spring, Edelweiss has been treating its guests to the luxurious experience of Soeder soap and lotion in the aircraft toilets. Building upon the popularity of these amenities, the airline has developed “Ginger Voyage,” a fragrance spray designed to evoke a longing for travel and help passengers immerse themselves in holiday dreams right from the moment they step on board.

Martin Rast, Head of Product & Services at Edelweiss, explained the inspiration behind the new fragrance, saying, “The Ginger Voyage fragrance is intended to awaken a longing for travel and allow our passengers to indulge in holiday dreams even before take-off has taken place.” This thoughtful addition to the passenger experience aligns with Edelweiss’ commitment to making air travel not just convenient but also enjoyable.

“Ginger Voyage” is a unique blend of scents that gives it a refreshing and spicy character. Among its key notes are the invigorating essence of fresh ginger, a hint of eucalyptus, and the zesty fragrance of pink grapefruit. These carefully selected scents combine to create an atmosphere of relaxation and anticipation, turning the aircraft entrance area into a gateway to adventure.

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