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Czech Railway Stations

Czech Railway Stations Introduce Water Coolers to Reduce Plastic Bottle Waste

Water coolers offering free drinking water have been installed at Czech railway stations in a bid to encourage passengers to avoid purchasing bottled water and thereby reduce plastic packaging consumption. Specialists estimate that over 900 million liters of water in plastic bottles are sold annually in the Czech Republic.

The water dispensers operate through the Lokni mobile app, requiring users to register. Water can only be filled into personal bottles, with each individual entitled to half a liter of still water per day for free. Additional 0.5 liters will cost 6 Czech crowns (0.25 euros), with an additional charge of 2 crowns for each subsequent refill (making one liter cost 8 crowns or 0.32 euros, and 1.5 liters cost 10 crowns or 0.4 euros). Carbonated water will also incur a charge.

Initially, these water coolers will be placed at 12 Czech railway stations, including Prague’s main railway station. This initiative aligns with the European Union’s 2020 commitment to fostering a circular economy under the European Green Deal. By 2030, the EU aims to have over half of its plastic recycled, and all packaging plastics either easily recyclable or reusable.

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