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Chisinau Airport

Chisinau Airport Shooting: Gunfire Erupts, Casualties Reported, and Shooter Takes Hostages

A shooting incident at Chisinau Airport leads to casualties as multiple gunshots are fired into the airport ceiling, leaving the shooter barricaded within the premises.

Emergency evacuation procedures have been implemented following the incident. The Moldovan Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) reports two individuals wounded during the shooting. Unconfirmed sources suggest that one of the injured persons is a border guard. Allegedly, a passenger arriving from Turkey seized a weapon and opened fire due to being denied entry into the country.

Furthermore, it has been reported that the barricaded individual is holding hostages, although the exact number of hostages and the specific demands remain unknown at this time.

In the latest updates, specialized forces are preparing for an operation to breach the premises where the shooter is barricaded.

Ambulances are currently en route to the airport to provide medical assistance. According to the pulsmedia.md portal, the perpetrator responsible for the Chisinau Airport shooting is identified as a Russian national and a member of the Wagner Private Military Company.

Two people have died during the shooting at Chisinau Airport, according to the Moldovan Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA).

At the same time, local media reports that the shooter has already been detained.

UPDATE: Commercial activity and flight arrangements at this time continue to be disrupted. The assailant was injured and is receiving medical attention.

UPDATE: The person who turned out to be the shooter at the airport in Chisinau is 43-year-old Rustam Ashurov, who holds citizenship of Tajikistan and Russia.

Ashurov was wanted by Interpol for the murder of an “influential individual.” During the terrorist attack, he was in the company of two men who are currently being sought by the authorities. The Russian is currently in critical condition in a hospital under guard.

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