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China Plans to Resume Direct Flights from Russia to Hainan Island

Chinese authorities are planning to reinstate direct flights from Russia to Hainan Island by the end of 2023, with hopes of seeing Russian tourist arrivals reach pre-pandemic levels as early as next year. Albert Ip, the head of the tourism department in Sanya City, shared this exciting development.

“Russia is a key tourism market for Sanya. On July 1st, the renovated international terminal at Sanya Airport reopened, and flights to other countries gradually resumed. We hope to open a direct flight from Sanya to Russia this year. Our plans are for the end of the year. We don’t have information about the airline yet. We have a policy of subsidizing air routes, and we believe both Russian and Chinese airlines can make this decision,” he told reporters during a meeting focused on Hainan’s return to the Russian market.

As Ip pointed out, the subsidy program for direct flights from Russia to Hainan Island was in place before the pandemic. Initially, aircraft occupancy had to reach 60%, but given that the island has only recently reopened after the pandemic, requirements will be more lenient. Subsidies can range from 3,000 to 6,000 yuan per seat (approximately 40,000 to 80,000 rubles).

“Before the pandemic, Sanya welcomed over 300,000 Russian tourists. Naturally, we hope to recover that number next year and possibly increase it. We have already held discussions in Russia with representatives of tour companies and travel agencies, and they believe sending 300,000 people to the island is achievable,” he concluded.

This development signifies a promising step towards reviving tourism between Russia and Hainan, offering new opportunities for travelers from both nations to explore the enchanting beauty of this tropical island destination.

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