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Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport to Renovate Runway in 2020

After the thorough renovation of runways 25L/07R in 2015 and 01/19 in 2016, Brussels Airport Company will be renovating runway 25R/07L from 13 July to 23 August 2020.

24 years after the previous renovation works on this runway, in 1996, the entire runway needs to be closed for renovation to guarantee the safe landing and take-off of aircraft.

Due to the closure of this runway, runway use during the maintenance work at Brussels Airport is different from that under normal circumstances. To limit the duration of the runway closure and the impact of the renovation works, work is carried out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The works

The top layers of asphalt will be milled and replaced over almost the entire surface of the runway (3.3km by 45m). This is the most important and the most far-reaching part of this renovation. Given that the whole pavement is being renovated, the runway’s lighting system, including all cabling, must also be replaced. In places where this is not yet the case, this system will be replaced by energy-efficient LED lighting. Finally, the drainage system will also be renovated with new channel drains and sewage pipes.

The scheduled renovation will extend the life of the runway by at least 15 years and ensure that works of this size will not be required in the years ahead. In addition, we will take the opportunity to carry out other works so we will not have to close the runway later. These additional works include work on the cabling of the high-voltage and data networks and on the airfield light poles, as well as lawn repairs.

Prior to the renovation and closure of the runway, preliminary lighting works must be carried out where runways 25R and 19 intersect.

Runway use during the works

Because of the works, runway use at Brussels Airport will be different from normal conditions. Information on real-time runway use is always available at www.batc.be.

During the works, the runway use will be determined by air navigation service provider skeyes based on various parameters, such as the preferential runway use determined by the federal government, the availability of take-off and landing runways and taxiways, the weather conditions and the traffic intensity. The safety of air traffic is always given absolute priority. In addition, we strive to avoid delays for passengers as much as possible.


The renovation is scheduled to last for six weeks from Monday 13 July to Sunday 23 August 2020, with runway 25R/07L entirely closed for air traffic 24/7. This means that this runway is not available for take-off or landing.

That is why an alternative runway configuration will be used. If the above parameters allow to do so, runway 19 will generally be used for take-off and landing, as shown below.

Preliminary works

Before runway 25R/07L is closed for renovation, work will be carried out on the intersection of runway 25R with runway 19. These works are scheduled between 6 p.m. and 10 a.m. the next day to limit the impact on airport operations. They will be carried out during the five days prior to the closure, i.e. from 8 July to the morning of 13 July. This means that during this period:

  • Landings are not possible on runways 25R and 19. On runways 07L and 01 the available landing distance will be reduced;
  • Take-offs are not possible on runways 07L and 01. On runways 25R and 19 the available take-off distance will be reduced.

If the parameters mentioned above allow it (particularly the wind direction), preferential runway use will be applied for take-offs and landings will take place on runway 25L.

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