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Boeing Updates 20-Year Forecast for China’s Civil Aircraft Demand

Boeing Co. has recently revised its annual forecast for the global demand for civil aircraft in China over the next 20 years. The company anticipates that China will require approximately 8,560 new aircraft during this period, compared to the previous estimate of 8,485 aircraft. This forecast encompasses both passenger and cargo planes.

Narrow-body aircraft are expected to account for around 6,470 units of the aviation technology, while wide-body aircraft will make up 1,550 units, and cargo planes will constitute 190 units, according to the company’s announcement.

As a result, China’s aircraft fleet is projected to more than double and exceed 9,600 planes by the year 2042.

The revision of the forecast is attributed to China’s economic growth rates significantly surpassing the global average and an increasing demand for domestic transportation services, as highlighted in Boeing’s statement.

Over the course of two decades, the aviation industry is expected to generate approximately 433,000 new job opportunities, including 134,000 pilots, 161,000 flight attendants, and 138,000 engineers.

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