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Top 10 Iconic Movie Hotels

Picking up on Hollywood’s fascination with hotels throughout the years, Hotels.com®, the hotel experts, lifts the clapper board on ten hotels around the world that have been made famous by films. Hotels have been used in scenes of love, conspiracy, heartache and even murder and will continue to play an important part in film history. The versatility of hotels enables the creation of a specific world, era, mood or atmosphere for any particular film genre.

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Armenian National Tourist Office opens in Moscow

In Moscow, started to operate National Tourist Office of Armenia (NTOA). Organization’s activities will promote tourism opportunities of the republic in Russia and CIS countries.
“Among the priorities of the office – PR and marketing campaigns for the formation of Armenia’s image as an interesting and affordable tourist destination for Russians, as well as an increase in tourist flow to the republic and increasing revenues from tourism”, said director of the NTOA  Marya Atayan

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