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Arctic Umiaq Line and Hurtigruten Norway Forge Partnership to Drive Sustainable Tourism in Greenland

Arctic Umiaq Line and Hurtigruten Norway proudly announce their new partnership aimed at fostering growth and opportunities in Greenland’s tourism industry. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, both companies are collaborating to enhance Arctic Umiaq Line’s distinctive offerings for the international market and promote sustainable tourism in Greenland. This partnership agreement marks an exciting new chapter for Arctic Umiaq Line and Hurtigruten Norway, with vast potential for future cooperation. Further details regarding the collaboration’s specifics will be revealed towards the end of August.

According to Arctic Umiaq Line CEO Jens-Jakob Sandgreen, “The Greenlandic coastal society is undergoing a historic transformation due to new airports, making us a part of the global infrastructure. This presents us with opportunities as well as significant challenges. With a population of less than 60,000 people mostly situated along the 3,000-kilometer west coast, our society requires a delicate and sustainable approach to tourism and business. This partnership will unlock new and remote destinations for locals and tourists, establish a strategy for sustainable tourism, and create new welfare opportunities for Greenland while remaining committed to being a reliable alternative for local passenger transport.”

Hedda Felin, CEO of Hurtigruten Norway, expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Our cooperation with Arctic Umiaq Line is an exciting opportunity for Hurtigruten Norway and a chance to promote our shared belief that travel and tourism should have a positive impact. By combining our own expertise with Arctic Umiaq Line’s unique offerings, our aim is to develop the most sustainable and extraordinary tourism product in Greenland.”

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