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Antalya Hotel Operators Face Booking Cancellations Amid Middle East Conflict

Hotel operators in Turkey’s Antalya, a popular resort province, are facing booking cancellations from Israel and other Middle Eastern nations due to the recent escalation in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The largest resort region in Turkey is expressing concerns about how the summer season of 2024 will fare as they witness a wave of cancellations in Middle Eastern markets. Since the beginning of 2023, approximately 250,000 tourists from Israel have visited the city.

Last week, Israel’s Ministry of National Security urged its citizens in Turkey to leave as soon as possible. Following this advisory, only a small number of Israelis remained in Antalya, with the majority departing.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has already impacted the local tourism industry. Tourists from Middle Eastern countries have helped offset the loss of tourist inflow linked to this conflict. The process of improving relations between Turkey and Israel has had a positive influence on the Turkish travel industry. In the current year, Antalya welcomed around 500,000 guests from Israel, Jordan, and Lebanon. It is certain that the conflict in the Gaza sector will have an adverse effect on the upcoming season.

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