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Amsterdam’s Stricter Rules on Second Homes to Begin in 2026

Amsterdam is tightening regulations on second homes owned by out-of-town residents to address its own housing shortage. From January 1, 2026, owners of second homes in Amsterdam will need to obtain a permit to keep their properties.

Currently, out-of-town owners are restricted in how they can use their second homes. They cannot rent them out to tourists, use them as office spaces, or allow their children to live there permanently. These properties, known as pied-à-terre, cannot be used for business or holiday accommodations. Additionally, owners cannot register as residents of Amsterdam.

The municipality is engaging local residents in the rule-making process, inviting them to submit their opinions over the summer. These contributions will be considered in the drafting of the new regulations.

For those renting second homes in Amsterdam, the rules are similarly strict. Out-of-towners can only rent properties with a monthly rent above 808 euros (as of 2023), as lower-priced rentals fall into the social housing category reserved for city residents.

Amsterdam takes steps to regulate housing and short-term rentals, these measures highlight a broader trend in European cities to balance the needs of residents with the pressures of tourism and housing shortages.

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