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Amsterdam City Council Bans Large Cruise Ships

Amsterdam City Council bans large cruise ships from entering the city center. This measure aims to combat excessive tourist influx (20 million visitors annually) and reduce environmental pollution (one cruise ship emits as much nitrogen oxide as 30,000 trucks).

The decision means that the central cruise ship terminal on the River IJ, near Amsterdam’s main train station, will be closed, and tourists will need to seek alternative routes.

As reported by “Europe Pulse,” Amsterdam is gradually phasing out popular tourist attractions from the city center. Several souvenir shops, budget hotels, and coffee shops (establishments licensed to sell soft drugs from cannabis) have already been decided to be removed. Additionally, since mid-May, smoking cannabis has been prohibited in the Red Light District.

The ban on cruise liners and container ships crossing the central canals has come into effect in Venice. Ships weighing over 40,000 tons will now dock at the port of Marghera, located northwest of the city center.

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