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Air Moldova to Resume Flights to Moscow

The airline Air Moldova will resume the operation of flights to Moscow starting on October 1, after their interruption from February 2022.

This decision comes as a result of countless requests from citizens of the Republic of Moldova, based in Russian Federation and their decision to return home.

At the same time, the decision to resume flights is due to passenger’s requests to use the tickets purchased during the pandemic period and after the suspension of flights in February. These circumstances have created difficulties, faced by hundreds of passengers every day: repeatedly purchase of tickets at increased prices, long time spent on traveling, the inconvenience of stopover flights, especially for medical emergency cases.

Fast and safe travel becomes indispensable for passengers.

The resumption of flights from/to the Russian Federation is a response to the requests made by our compatriots.

The safety and comfort of flights are the company’s priority, thus Air Moldova will continue to make constant efforts to respond to the needs and requests of our passengers.

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