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Advantages and Disadvantages of Traveling by Car

Traveling by car has many advantages. Cars define the very idea of freedom; they allow you to go where you want and when you want. They take us places where we couldn’t otherwise travel – they bring us to our destinations faster, and we don’t need to abide by a schedule or rely on anybody else to become mobile.

However, for every pro, there’s a downside of traveling by car to match. There you have it: all of the advantages and disadvantages of traveling by car.

Top Advantages of Traveling by Car


Flexibility is one of the biggest advantages of traveling by car. You’re not restricted by timetables and schedules, and there is no baggage limit, car traveling gives you masses more room to play with.

You can choose and change your route and there is no problem if you want to visit some places on the way. You don’t have to follow someone’s schedule: traveling with family or friends, it is easy to find a compromise.

If you have decided it’s best to bring your pet along, there is no problem. Most airlines will let you take a little companion in the cabin, but it is expensive and usually pretty stressful.


Travel is full of incredible opportunities. Everywhere you go there is something new to see and do. If you pick a car as your transport, you will be able to see many beautiful villages and small towns that you would have missed out without the car. You will have the possibility to eat in remote restaurants and cafes that unreachable to most tourists.


Another great benefit of traveling by car is that it can save a bit of money, it is considered to be a much cheaper way to travel.

Hotels are far from the only option on your road trip. You can book a room on Airbnb or stay with locals using Couchsurfing. You can just simply sleep in your car if your car is large enough.

Using a fuel card like Shell Fuel Card is a great way to save some money, both by getting the fuel at a discounted rate and also by being able to better manage and track the way the vehicle is driven.

Gas apps can also help you plan your trip, calculate costs, and find cheaper gas.

If you plan to visit a big city, avoid pricey downtown garages, you’ll save yourself the stress of searching for spaces in popular places and save some money.

travelling by car

Top Disadvantages of Traveling by Car

Potential Break Downs

Break downs are time-consuming and potentially expensive. Moreover, break down somewhere remote can let you being stranded and having a huge tow bill.

Potential Theft

The car may be stolen or thieves may break in and steal what’s inside. There are a number of things you can do to reduce the risk of your car being stolen: never leave a car with open doors and windows and don’t forget to take the keys with you. Never leave valuables in plain view in an unattended car, park your car in well-lit areas.

Long Distances

Driving sometimes takes a long time. Long hours behind the wheel can take their toll. Make sure to take a break (of at least 15 minutes) every two hours.

Top safety tip for traveling in a car? Auto insurance may cover comprehensive and collision breakdowns as well as theft. Get yourself one and stick to paved roads.


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