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5 Tips for Your Next Trip With Friends to Vegas

Do you want to experience a supernatural feeling you only experience when watching Hollywood movies? Las Vegas is where you should be. Vegas is considered the home for сasino, where most superstars try their gambling luck. However, there’s more than just casino entertainment in Vegas.

Now imagine you are hanging out with your friends charmed by the picturesque nature of Las Vegas and the thrills that come along from movies they’ve watched. Where else in the Nevada paradise can you take them?

Being familiar with the super amazing places and shows that you should visit while on a trip to the mighty Vegas is essential! Do you know where to start? Here are some of the crucial tips to ensure an exciting trip to Vegas with your friends.

Visit MGM Grand Hotel & Casino to Enjoy the Jabbawockeez Performance

MGM Grand is an enormous Vegas casino. It is also famous for the mesmerizing shows put on by the Jabbawockeez while performing their incredible dance moves.

Jabbawockeez is a hip-hop dance troupe that was initially introduced through the ABCD talent performance that has broken its boundary to achieve the popularity of its level. If you and your friends love to dance, there’s no doubt you’ll be entertained here.


The dance troupe showcases a high-energy choreography encompassed with technology rendering this Vegas show one of the best places to get entertainment. With technology influenced effects and the viewer’s involvement, you and your friends will be immersed in a world of fantasy.

You’ll be hooked on the artists` performance. Their moves and attire attract attention fully. What’s more, the Jabbawockeez use their dance platform to convince the audience to join them and try their moves. The moves are challenging but entertaining.

Watch David Copperfield Doing His Magic at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

Leaving MGM Grand without enjoying David Copperfield’s magic performance can turn your trip to Vegas awful. The place is spectacular. Its modern design with sleek finishing and a 45 feet bronze lion at the gate is truly impressive.

There’s also a live performance platform used for various purposes, and Copperfield uses one of the wings of the Grand for magical shows. Thus, it is undeniably true that a successful trip incorporates the essential magic show entertainment while you are in Vegas.

david copperfield

Here, you’ll see the magical might of the acclaimed star who has thrilled viewers for many years on different platforms and has since returned to showcase his skills at the world’s entertainment capital. His shows have a specific picturesque venue, which at just a glance, steals the viewer’s mind to a world of fantasy.

The fantastic and mind-boggling 90-minute performance will leave you wishing for more. Therefore, in a company of friends in Vegas, you may miss a magical moment without visiting this show.

What’s more, the entertainer makes an effort to ensure his guests are involved. Thus, you’ll encounter a series of personalized magics which he will orchestrate at your or your neighbor’s table the night you attend the show.
David Copperfield’s magic skills and illusional acts keep you wondering how he does them. Your presence at the performance with friends makes it even more entertaining, making it a Vegas night to remember.

Explore the Caesars Palace to Enjoy the Absinthe

Absinthe is a combination of Cirque du Soleil and Pris’s cabaret moves that encompasses comedy, acrobatics, and dances. Therefore, within the Vegas strip, if you need to watch the breathtaking moves that will excite you, Caesars Palace is the place to be.

When visiting Vegas with your friends, Absinthe will give you a fantastic experience. It is an acrobatic dance style themed with adult content that revolves around erotism and a playful balance.


Thus, while at this Vegas show, you’ll witness the mind-boggling death-defying acrobatics that most of the time will leave you and your friends screaming about what’s about to happen. However, the expected rarely happens, the acrobats are experienced in what they do and aimed at thrilling you.

What’s more, the dances are romantic, and you’ll be lost by the melodious songs. Therefore, if you want a place to enjoy with friends, look no further. Absinthe at the Caesars Palace is an ideal option for first-timers at Vegas.

Have a Stopover at Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino

Are your friends fun-lovers and music enthusiasts? If so, then they definitely have heard about the prolific songwriter who back in his days was known for releasing hit after hit with over 85 million albums. He is no one other than Barry Manilow.

In Las Vegas resort, you’ll have the opportunity of seeing this music icon in person and sing along and dance to some of his top 50 hit songs that were popular decades ago. Now that you have fun-loving friends imagine how the show can go down in singing and dance moves that marinate well with Manilow’s songs.

Barry Manilow

After taking time off from active music production, Manilow doesn’t tour around anymore for music purposes. He runs the residency show that you can find nowhere else but in Vegas. Thus, bring your friends and enjoy a live performance with Manilow; it sounds like a great day to remember!

Enjoy the Magic Mike at Hard Rock Hotel

Magic Mike is a captivating performance from thirteen hot talented guys stripteasing; it bounds to excite you and your friends to the fullest. The striptease is derived from the movie franchise and a replica of Club Domina and its renowned actor Tatum.

Most of the characters from the original movie are brought closer to you through performances that are aired on a podium above, behind, and in front of the audience. This gives you and your friends a close up moment and enables you to see your favorite actor closely.

magic mike

It is a show that can excite anyone, but ladies usually find it more thrilling. Therefore, make your friends have a night and a moment that is unforgettable by coming to watch the hunkiest man alive – Channing Tatum, who is also a part of the original movie, the Magic Mike.

Vegas Trip. Bottom Line

In pursuit of a fun-filled place to have extreme entertainment? Look no further. Las Vegas is the ideal place for a fun-filled trip. It is the capital of all sorts of excitement; hence you’ll never miss out on any essential aspect of a comic effect that would set you in the mood right. Not sure where to start? Check out the online gambling scene in Vegas at OnlineCasinoGems.com

las vegas


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