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4 States to Visit in the US for Sporting Fans

The time for the legalization of sports betting activities in the United States is finally upon us and it couldn’t have taken any longer to get here. While before many sporting fans who wished to dabble in a little wagering on their favorite sports action, like college football odds for example, had to do it in an almost invisible and untraceable manner to avoid any legal issues, those days are finally coming to an end.

With more and more states taking up the project to legalize all sports betting operations across the country, this industry is starting to live a very positive uprising, with revenue streams coming in bigger and bigger every day and more job opportunities being created and coming as great aids to benefit the states’ and country’s economies. So with this said, let’s check out which are the top four states that all fans of sports betting should visit to get their betting game going.

  1. New Jersey

Hold on, hold on, I am not kidding you in any way, shape or form, nor am I mistaken, New Jersey takes the number one place in our list for states for sports bettors to visit. Why is New Jersey in our number one spot? Well, while it’s not Nevada, we have to give props to New Jersey as being the state that got the ball rolling on the whole matter of legalizing sports betting activities to open up this industry to the public and take away the negative stigmas behind it.

Ever since legalizing sports betting in their state, New Jersey saw their sports betting handle rise to a ridiculous and immense amount of over 6 billion dollars in revenue in the year 2020 alone. Yes, in one year alone, New Jersey was able to amass over 6 billion dollars over legalized sports betting activities. You can visit the seashore, Atlantic City, do a tour of where Tony Soprano and his gang used to go around and make a couple of bucks while legally betting on your favorite sporting events and in case you want more serious nightlife action, just cross one of the bridges or tunnels over to New York city. Believe me, you’re getting the best of both worlds here.

2. Nevada

I know what you’re all thinking, Nevada should’ve gone first, given that the capital of betting entertainment in the US is there, Las Vegas. But I had to pay homage to the state that got the revolution going and that is making more money than any other competition. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, Nevada, especially Las Vegas is a must visit state for sports betting pundits from all over.

With an immense amount of different entertainment options to choose from, with casinos, live music and entertainment shows, nightclubs and world-class dining options all around, all ready to receive betting fans, making time to make a couple of extra bucks here and there on some sporting action is always an option waiting to happen. All of the main casinos in the city offer the best options for sports betting with promotions and bonuses all around to lure betting fans from all over into playing with them.

3. Pennsylvania

One of the states that can brag about having one of the richest cultural and historical traditions in the country as well as having one of the biggest and most passionate sporting fan bases in the country is Pennsylvania. With the cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh both being hot spots for sporting fans from all disciplines, Pennsylvania saw the opportunity to open up the legal sports betting industry, ran with it and is now raking in the benefits from their decision.

Get your betting game on in Philly while you visit one of the many historic monuments and places around the state. Have a cheesesteak with your earnings and go visit Rocky’s statue at the Philadelphia Museum stairway, because if you make bank from betting in Pennsylvania, you deserve a championship moment like Rocky had. 

4. Illinois

Have you ever seen sports fans as loyal and passionate as Chicago based sports fans? In Chicago they live, breath and sleep for their sporting teams and that passion transcends to anyone who gets to visit the windy city. Since welcoming the idea of legalized sports betting last year the state of Illinois has seen an up rise in revenue streams related to sports betting activities of almost 2 billion dollars.

Given that Chicago has some of the country’s most important sporting franchises with the NBA’s Bulls, MLB’s Cubs and White Sox, NFL’s Bears and NHL’s Blackhawks, it’s totally understandable why the sports betting industry would automatically explode into a positive frenzy once it was legalized. Chicago has lots to offer to visitors, from great food and bar options, to art and music venues up the wahoo and historic landmarks all over. So go get a deep dish pizza, get your betting game going and have a great time in the windy city, you won’t regret it.


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