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3 Aircraft of Aeroflot Experience Technical Issues Leading to Flight Disruptions

Three aircraft belonging to Russia’s largest airline, Aeroflot, were unable to complete their scheduled flights due to technical malfunctions.

One such incident involved an Aeroflot Boeing 777 that was unable to depart from Phuket to Moscow due to damage to the landing gear. As a result, flight SU275 had to be canceled, as reported by The Moscow Times.

Aeroflot itself claims that the malfunction occurred due to the actions of the ground staff at the Thai airport. Passengers on this flight were redirected to other flights to ensure their travel plans were not entirely disrupted.

Furthermore, in Moscow, approximately 400 Aeroflot passengers who were heading to Turkey found themselves stranded. The airline attempted to transport them to Antalya twice. The first aircraft had to return to the departure airport immediately due to an engine fire. The second aircraft also encountered technical issues. Despite repair efforts lasting 1.5 hours, passengers were unable to deplane, and the aircraft could not be fixed.

As a result, passengers were only able to depart for Turkey with an eight-hour delay, early on a Monday morning. As compensation, they were provided with coupons worth 600 Russian rubles.

It’s worth noting that from January to August 2023, Russia experienced more than 120 aviation incidents involving civilian aircraft operated by Russian airlines. This represents a 2.2-fold increase compared to previous years, with an average of 55 incidents recorded from 2018 to 2022.

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