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World's Thinnest Hotel

Pitu Rooms – The World’s Thinnest Hotel

Hotels come in all shapes and sizes, from the grandiose to the quaint, the luxurious to the budget-friendly. In the world of hospitality, diversity knows no bounds. However, a recent addition to the global hotel landscape takes the concept of uniqueness to unprecedented levels – Pitu Rooms, the world’s thinnest hotel, situated in Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia, approximately 480 kilometers southeast of the capital city, Jakarta.

Opened less than a year ago, in December 2022, Pitu Rooms is making waves not for its sprawling size but for its astonishingly slim dimensions. The hotel’s width measures a mere 2.8 meters, challenging the conventional notions of architectural expansiveness.

Ari Indra, the architect and owner of Pitu Rooms, sheds light on the innovative project, explaining that the hotel was constructed on a plot of land that had been overlooked due to its peculiar and inconvenient size. Despite its slender profile, the hotel manages to soar to five stories, defying expectations and showcasing the power of creative design.

Within the confines of the world’s thinnest hotel, guests can find seven rooms, each equipped with a double bed and a compact bathroom featuring a shower and toilet. The interiors are a testament to Indonesian design, curated by local designers who have infused the spaces with cultural and aesthetic elements unique to the region.

While the hotel may not boast the expansive lobbies or extensive corridors typical of more spacious accommodations, Pitu Rooms seeks to redefine the guest experience. The focus here is on efficient use of space and an intimate atmosphere that complements the surrounding landscape of Salatiga.

Pitu Rooms stands as a testament to the ingenuity and adaptability of architectural visionaries, proving that unconventional spaces can birth extraordinary creations. As travelers seek new and distinctive experiences, this slender marvel in Indonesia adds a new dimension to the global hospitality scene, proving that size is not always the measure of grandeur in the world of hotels.

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