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The MICHELIN Guide Expands Its Culinary Horizons to Mexico

The MICHELIN Guide, renowned for its prestigious restaurant ratings and culinary accolades, continues to venture into new territories, and this year, it’s Mexico that takes the culinary spotlight. The announcement was met with enthusiasm and pride from both the Mexican culinary community and international food enthusiasts.

Earlier this year, the MICHELIN Guide expanded its global reach, adding Atlanta, Georgia, and venturing into Colorado, Argentina, while also making a triumphant return to the vibrant culinary scenes of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. However, the latest expansion into Mexico is particularly significant, as it recognizes the country’s outstanding culinary contributions on the world stage.

Daniela Mijares, CEO of CANIRAC (National Chamber of the Restaurant and Spiced Food Industry), expressed her pride in this achievement, saying, “It is a source of pride that Mexico’s culinary excellence not only captivates the world but is also recognized internationally through the prestigious MICHELIN Guide. This significant achievement is a result of the commitment of Michelin and CANIRAC to elevate the country’s restaurant scene in Mexico and on the international stage.”

Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of The MICHELIN Guide, also shared his excitement, emphasizing the diverse culinary landscape of Mexico. “The MICHELIN Guide Inspectors have been exploring this beautiful country with its ancient, vibrant, and cosmopolitan capital city; the stunning coastal areas of the country, the charming beauty of Oaxaca, and the rugged splendor of the Baja peninsula.”

The MICHELIN Guide’s focus in Mexico encompasses regions such as Mexico City, Oaxaca, Baja California, Los Cabos, and Nuevo León. The Inspection team has been diligently discovering the hidden gems of the culinary scene, immersing themselves in the local flavors and dining experiences.

“My team of inspectors have eagerly embraced all the flavors this unique destination has to offer,” Poullennec explained. “From local cuisine that is deep-rooted in tradition and celebrates indigenous ingredients and the abundance of high-quality products to dining rooms where globally inspired creations are on the menu, Mexico has a wealth of intriguing and impressive dining options and passionate culinary talent.”

Mexico’s culinary talent is known for taking local produce, including chiles, herbs, masa, coffee, chocolate, agave spirits, as well as seafood, fruits, and vegetables, to new and innovative heights, resulting in delicious and unforgettable dishes.

While the inaugural list of Michelin-starred restaurants in Mexico will be unveiled in early 2024, the anticipation among both chefs and diners is already building. Mexico’s rich gastronomic traditions and innovative culinary scene are sure to earn their well-deserved place in the prestigious MICHELIN Guide.

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