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The Most “Obscene” Cities in Italy


Venice topped the rating of cities in Italy, whose residents are more likely than others to use obscene language in their speech. The list was compiled by the Preply language learning platform.

Residents of Venice say an average of 19 swear words a day. According to the compilers of the rating, this result is associated with the geographical location of the city, popular with tourists, which creates various problems for residents.

List of the most swearing cities in Italy:

Venice (19 curse words a day)
Padua and Brescia (17)
Genoa (14)
Messina (12)
Milan (11)
Turin, Palermo and Florence (9)
Rome and Trieste (8)
Modena (7)
Naples, Verona, Parma, Bari, Bologna and Catania (6)
Taranto (5)

On average, every Italian swears 8.91 times a day. Men swear on average 11.6 times a day, women – 6.3 times. Most often, Italians swear at home, with friends, as well as in the office and while driving.

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