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Lancia Is Reborn as Electric-Only Brand

Lancia, the Italian car company owned by Stellantis alongside Fiat, Chrysler, Citroën, Vauxhall and Peugeot, is reviving as an electric car brand. The company announced plans to produce three electric vehicles between 2024 and 2028: the new Ypsilon, the new Delta and an unnamed “new flagship.” The brand is also getting a new logo, the eighth in its 116-year history, that recalls its 1957 design.

By 2028, the company plans to sell only electric cars. But as Electrek points out, the company only sells one car (the Ypsilon) in one market (Italy).

In addition to its plans for electric cars and a new logo, Lancia has also unveiled a new design language that it says will guide the creation of the three future cars. He literally created a physical sculpture that serves as a “3D manifesto” of these design principles. Lancia’s CEO Luca Napolitano calls the sculpture, dubbed “Lancia Pu+Ra Zero,” “a work of art in which past and future are constantly in contact, in which elegance is balanced with a radical spirit of forms.”

Apparently “Pu+Ra” is short for “Pure and Radical” in case you were wondering.

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