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The 10 Worst Airports in Europe for Delays and Cancellations

Chaos continues at Europe’s airports, with long check-in lines, flight delays and cancellations, and staff shortages. The Hopper portal has compiled a list of ten airports in Eupore where flights are most often canceled and delayed. Data taken from Official Aviation Guide.

1. Brussels Airport 72% of flights are delayed, 2.5% are canceled;

2. Frankfurt Airport: 68% of flights are delayed, 7.8% are canceled;

3. Eindhoven Airport in the Netherlands: 67% of flights are delayed, 1.8% are canceled;

4. London Luton Airport: 66% of flights delayed, 2.7% canceled;

5. Budapest Franz Liszt Airport: 65% of flights delayed, 2.1% canceled;

6. Lisbon Airport: 65% of flights delayed, 4.8% canceled;

7. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport: 62% of flights delayed, 3.1% canceled;

8. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: 61% of flights delayed, 5.2% canceled;

9. Nice Airport: 60% of flights are delayed; 3.4% – canceled;

10. London Gatwick Airport: 59% of flights are delayed; 1.4% are cancelled.

The top ten European countries with the most flight cancellations

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