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Belgium Suspends Issuance of Tourist Visas to Russsians

The Belgian consulate in the Russian Federation will no longer issue short-stay visas from July 1. As explained to Vestnik ATOR in the visa center of the country, student visas will be issued. The suspension period has not been announced.

From July 1, the Belgium Visa Application Center will only accept the following categories of D visas:


Student visa for applicants planning to arrive in Belgium before 31 August.
Work visa (single entry) for applicants planning to arrive in Belgium before 31 August.
Family reunification visa, only for family members who accompany work visa applicants and plan to arrive in Belgium by 31 August.

This means that applications for a short stay visa (i.e. for stays of less than 90 days) will not be accepted by the Visa Application Center from 1 July.

“Please note that the Visa Application Center will not be able to make any exceptions. This temporary measure will be lifted as soon as the Belgian Embassy restores the ability to process all visa applications without exception,” the Belgian visa center told ATOR Vestnik.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommended that Russian citizens refrain from traveling to Estonia due to restrictions, the violation of which provides for fines and prison terms.

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