Hotel Riu Plaza España Opens in the Metaverse


RIU Hotels & Resorts wants to be a pioneer in the metaverse and explore all that it can offer. Therefore, it has decided to make its debut in the virtual world with the emblematic hotel Riu Plaza España. The hotel has become the first to open its doors in the metaverse and has also introduced innovative solutions that combine reality and digital recreation in AltSpace. This iconic Madrid building offers customers an amazing experience in the real world, and they can now recreate this adventure in the virtual world. The metaverse is an emerging tool with great potential, and RIU firmly believes that it will become the basis of brands’ and people’s digital presence in the future.

RIU’s plans are based on the idea that the metaverse is the evolution of the internet we all know today — Web 3.0 — the difference being that it is immersive and not just a showcase. It is also aware that this technology still needs to grow and become more accessible before it can establish itself and evolve in a similar way to the world wide web and social media. With this philosophy, RIU has taken its first steps in the metaverse to give today’s users what they’re looking for.

They will be able to visit several areas of the hotel and see all the details of the decoration and architectural elements in spaces like the lobby, or go up to the dizzying heights of the rooftop terrace and peep over the glass balcony or cross the walkway that hangs 100 metres above the ground. Obviously this is all in the virtual world, but it’s still possible to have some fun. Users will be able to pick up, open and click on a number of elements and interact with a few surprises. There is even a hidden prize for the first visitors.

RIU has developed this project alongside La Agencia Encubierta, an agency with ample experience in digital marketing that is a pioneer in the metaverse. Thanks to this agency, the hotel Riu Plaza España that was recently opened in Microsoft’s AltSpace has innovative, previously unseen construction features, as well as real elements that interact with guests in the digital environment. Do you want to say hello to our receptionist or make a booking? You can do both of these things either in person or in the metaverse, as Michael is happy to help you in either the real or virtual world.

To visit the hotel Riu Plaza España, go to, download the application, search for the hotel using the code NTM491 and enjoy the immersive experience on offer at the virtual Riu Plaza España.

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