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Negative COVID-19 Test Results Required to Enter Sweden

All persons wishing to enter Sweden will be required to present a negative result of the COVID-19 Test upon their arrival.

Government of Sweden announced that if travellers do not present a document showing the negative results of the COVID-19 Test, not older than 48 hours, they will be banned from entering.

The rules are not the same for persons travelling from a third country and those coming from the European Union or Schengen Zone. Different rules will also be applied for citizens of Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Norway.

Sweden’s authorities announced that the decision will be put in place on February 6 and will last until March 31.

“Today’s decision is important to reduce the influx of new variants of the virus that have been detected in several countries. According to the Public Health Agency of Sweden, there is considerable uncertainty surrounding the new variants, and even if they have now spread to some extent in Sweden, it is important that we take this step, which will reduce the risk of further spread,” Sweden’s Minister for Home Affairs Mikael Damberg pointed out.

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